A heartwarming interview with Carla, The Owner of Carla’s Hempire CBD & Wellness .

Today in Discovering Magnolia, TX, – Check out Carla’s Hempire CBD and Wellness, Boutique & Gifts located right at Magnolia, Texas! Carla provides therapeutic-quality CBD products for people and pets that can help with relaxation, anxiety, tension, stress, and inflammation and provide an overall natural way to soothe your mind, body, and soul. Whether you’re looking for CBD dog treats, bath bombs and bath salts, essential oils, edibles, or topicals, Carla has a variety of options to help customize a plan for every customer! Check out her story!

Video Transcript:


Erica: Today on Discovery Magnolia Texas, we are at Carla’s Hempire CBD and Wellness; let’s talk to her and see what her business is all about.

Meet Carla

Erica: Carla, let’s talk about your business here. First of all, are you from Magnolia?

Carla: No, I’m not from Magnolia. I’m originally from Houston and lived in Spring for a few years. We moved out to Magnolia in November 2020.

Erica: What has gotten you into CBD and wellness? because this is something that you’ve been involved with for a few years now.

How has this experience been for you?

Carla: I personally have a reason because I was in an accident and fell downstairs at the job I was at back in 2000, and it put me in a lot of pain to the point where I was taking ibuprofen, usually four to three times a day, and I’ve done that for almost 20 years. and I found out there had to be a better solution than what was going on in my life, so enter CBD. I went to a shop, found something that helped me become acclimated, and I became so much better so much quicker. I no longer take ibuprofen, so I worked there in the shop for two years after that. I loved the shop that I went into. I decided to open one on my own because I want to help people.

Erica: That’s interesting, because the chiropractor that I used to go to actually had CBD products in his office as well, so I know that there is some benefit behind the product and that it helps with your joints, pain, inflammation, and things like that, and so you found that through your own experience that it did help you, which then got you interested in saying, “Well, if it could help me, then I could help other people,” and you started doing some research and seeing how you could bring that to other people and help them in that way.

Carla: Yes! It can help so much, and I’m hoping to bring that wellness here to Magnolia. It’s not something that’s going to be a “cure-all,” and I’m not trying to say that at all; I want to make sure people don’t think that, but it can certainly help.

A Naturalistic and Holistic Perspective

Erica: It’s an alternative way of helping to address some of the issues a lot of us deal with daily. That is legal and also a non-pharmaceutical way—a more natural way—of being able to help with those ailments.

Carla: 100%! That’s the big reason I got into this business. I just wanted to be able to help people the way it helped me and to be able to give people that other alternative.

Erica: It’s just trying to figure out, and maybe even talking to their doctor, and figuring out what are the best options for you both, from a pharmaceutical or from a more naturalistic and holistic perspective in working with their medical professional determine with that, doing some research and maybe coming in here and talking to you about this things.

Carla: Absolutely! I am not telling people not to go to their doctor at all, because I do believe there are good alternatives for that, but you should be honest with your doctor. I’ve told my customers to be honest with their doctors and tell them if they want to incorporate CBD into their regimen. Be honest with them; let them know that you want to do that and that you want to know what your options are. What medications you should maybe back off on, if that’s an option you can get in a more natural state.

Products for Humans

Erica: Well, let’s talk about some of the products you have because you seem to have quite a variety, from bath salts to salves; let’s talk about some of that.

Carla: I have all kinds of things; I just recently got a Sav and bath bombs that are on my own label. We vetted out, but I also have bath salts as well as gummies; “people love the gummies.”

Products for Pets

Erica: You have products here that are not only for humans, but you also have products here that are for pets. I always see people talking about the Fourth of July and how the dogs are getting stressed out. So what do these products do for animals?

Carla: These products will help animals too; they have the same anxiety that we do. So things like loud noises and stuff, get to them, whether it be thunderstorms. fireworks and just new people coming around make them anxious and have that stress but it helps across the board just like it does us

About the Shop

Erica: Let’s talk about your place here, because this is not what some people in their minds would conjure up as somewhere that they would go to by CBD. I think a lot of people have some preconceived premonitions about these things and what these places look like, but you’re not walking into a whole bunch of shelving and a head shop. You’re walking into a very nice boutique-type store where you feel comfortable, and it’s private as well.

Carla: I’ve purposely tried to get people to feel more comfortable when they walk through my doors. I don’t want them to feel ill at ease; I want them to walk in and let me help them if I can.

Shop Locations and Details

Erica: So as far as your actual store location, where can people find you?

Carla: I am at 1010 South Magnolia Boulevard in Magnolia and Old Magnolia, and I’m in the Hancock Center.

Erica: And just to be clear, when you turn into the parking lot, it’s on the right-hand side, kind of tucked over into the corner to make sure you find her. So, aside from your actual store, we can find you on some social media?

Carla: Yes! I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Pinterest, and on all of them, just find me at Carla’s Hempire.