A heartwarming interview with Jose, the owner of Lozano’s Mexican – Latino Cocina.

Today in Discovering Katy, TX – A restaurant that serves authentic Mexican dishes is quickly becoming a new favorite around Katy and is considered one of Katy’s hidden gems.

Lozano’s, Mexican-Latin Cocina is known for its authentic, quality Mexican food and amazing service. But it was not an easy feat for the owner, Jose, who started working at a young age in different restaurants, gaining experience, before deciding to open up his own restaurant. Get to know Jose and how he embraced the challenges that made Lozano’s a local favorite in Katy!

Video Transcript:


Erica: Thanks for joining us today at Discovering Katy, Texas! Today, we are at Lozano’s Mexican-Latin Cocina here in Katy, Texas, to talk to Jose, the owner! 

(Jose’s Background)

Erica: Jose, why don’t you give us a little bit of your background? I understand you’re not from Houston — is that correct?

Jose: Yes, I was born in El Salvador and came here to Texas when I was 15. Then, I moved to Boston and lived there for five years, and then, in 1994, I returned to Texas.

(When did you come to Texas?)

Erica: When you came over here at the age of 15, you came by yourself? 

Jose:   Yes, 15 years old, by myself. I wanted to work because I wanted to help my family. I was back in Texas in 1994, and I’ve worked for many restaurants since then.

(How did you know when to open your restaurant?)

Jose: I’ve been in the wrestling business most of the time, and then worked as a manager for five years. But who would have known that the idea to open my own restaurant would happen?

On December 15, 1994, I started working on my restaurant, and when the time came to open, it was in March, so I don’t have to tell you what happened. My life has always been challenging, and I learned that the more challenges there are, the more interesting they become. I always welcome a challenge!

(How has this experience been for you?)

Erica: I remember seeing your restaurant open around that time, and I remember thinking to myself, “Oh, my gosh,” and I told my husband, “We need to go over there and make sure we’re supporting him because he’s having a rough time.” How has this experience been for you?

Jose: I’m blessed to know a lot of people. So, I told them I was cooking from home and that if they wanted to buy my food, I would be more than happy to deliver it. That’s how I started — cooking for home delivery to the people I knew.

(Embrace the challenge.)

Erica: I like that in a time when it could have been easier to just close doors, you embraced the challenge and got through it.

Jose: I didn’t make crazy numbers to make myself rich. I just want to be independent, raise my kids, and be free because it’s a big relief when you know when you want to do something and you do it.

(Story time)

Erica: I had put out a random call on Facebook. One day, I needed to borrow a truck to help out another family, and you responded without hesitation, saying, “You can borrow my truck.” That was absolutely amazing! It goes to show what kind of person you are.

Jose: Sometimes, the best part is helping somebody who doesn’t know you as well as you do. You get that surprise that you don’t know the person you help, and I’m the person who’s not expecting anything back. 

I want to share another experience, too. It was in the middle of May. I went to Spec and Bison Liquor, and there was a lady. I mentioned to her that you want to come to my restaurant, and I said you can, and you can order anything; you just have to go there. And I made good food for this lady, which she loves, and she says, well, my paycheck is coming Friday, so I came back to the restaurant and I made the enchiladas, which I delivered to her, and I say to all the people that helped me a lot, there’s a little help back for you, and that is great. 

That is the best part, and when you cry, that’s the best part too, but when you have the part of you that wants to help somebody, that’s the great part.

(Food Quality)

Erica: Why don’t you talk to us about how your restaurant is different? Does it have to do with how you prepare the food?

Jose: Basically, if I’m here at the restaurant 24/7, I have to eat my food, and if I eat my food and I feel great, I am confident to tell people that my food is of excellent quality; It’s probably some of the best on the market, and I’m very sure of it.

For my fajitas, I work very hard with the vendors and providers to give me the highest quality fajitas, and I don’t add any soy sauce or oil to the meat. The same is true for the enchiladas: I don’t add any flour or butter. I do the dip for the tortilla and oil to make it a tortilla sauce. I just heat it up so the enchiladas you reduce by a big percentage of the best stuff and it’s still good. I guarantee that whoever wants to come and eat my food will leave happy.

(Location and Other Details)

Erica: Jose, why don’t you tell people where your location is, where they can find you online, and what your address is?

Jose: Our address is 1251 Pin Oak Rd #115, Katy, Texas, and you can find us on Facebook by searching Lozano’s Mexican-Latin Cocina!


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