Behind the Blooms: A Touching Interview with Kaitlin, Owner of Antique Rose Florist

Antique Rose Florist has been creating beautiful and unique floral designs in Magnolia, Texas, for over 30 years! Today we visit with Kaitlin, the owner, to learn about their floral arrangements and gifts for any occasion. Their team of talented florists is committed to providing stunning bouquets and exceptional customer service. Check out her story!

Video Transcript:

Introduction/Brief Background

Erica: Today, on discovering Magnolia, Texas, we are at Antique Rose Florist. Let’s talk to Kaitlin and see what they’re all about.

Erica: “Well, Kaitlin, thank you so much for joining us again.”

Kaitlin: Yes, yes, it is!

Erica: And for those who have not seen the other video, we interviewed you for dance connections.

Kaitlin: Yes!

Erica: And here we are again for your floral shop, the antique rose,

Kaitlin: Yes!

Erica: So let’s just go back to a brief overview of your connection to Magnolia and growing up here.

Kaitlin: I grew up in the area and have lived here all my life. I live up in Montgomery now, but my businesses are here, so I bought the dance studio about nine years ago, and it’s been rocking and rolling. About two and a half years ago, this opportunity arose to buy the flower shop, and I thought, “If you can run one business, you can run two,” and another way to just serve the community and the greater Magnolia area. So I saw the opportunity and said, “Seize the moment; let’s do it.”

Serving the Community

Erica: Talk about serving the community. I mean, the community really seems to have gathered around your floral shop because you guys produce some amazing bouquets.

Kaitlin: Thank you; the business has been around for a little over 30 years. I’m the fourth owner, and we have been serving the Magnolia area and surrounding areas for so long.

We have corporate accounts that we serve as well, like Margaritaville on Lake Conroe, where we have their account. We do all the flower arrangements for them. Houston Methodist, The Woodlands. We do Magnolia Pharmacy for the Magnolia ISD school district, so we do all the flowers for Magnolia Iced Tea, so we are definitely serving the whole greater Magnolia area.

About Antique Rose Florist Staff

Erica: For 30 years, the business has been here, and now you’ve only owned it for a couple of years, but there are some people that work here for you that have been here for quite a long time.

Kailin: Yes, so I even had a very busy business-savvy background, but not necessarily a huge floral background, so I’m very thankful for our head designer, Lana. She’s been in the industry for over 38 years, and she does all of our designs. We do have some contract workers that come in, but she’s here every day from eight to four, making the arrangements and making it all happen.

What they Offer and Cater to

Erica: Let’s talk about the different kinds of arrangements, bouquets, occasions, and stuff that you cater to.

Kaitlin: So we really like to do all of it; whatever the occasion, we can make flowers for it. So we specialize in everyday arrangements that our delivery driver delivers out for anniversaries, birthdays, and things like sympathy dog passings. Everything—you name it, we can make an arrangement for it—and we also do weddings; we do all the weddings for the Texas Renaissance Festival. We do every wedding; we have sometimes 16 or 16 to 20 weddings in one weekend during Renfest season, and we can also do just local brides as well as bridal showers, baby showers, and really any event that you would need flowers for that we can service.

Erica:  I’ve been following you on Instagram, which is one of the social media networks you guys have so that people can find you there. The bouquets and floral arrangements that I see are just absolutely breathtaking, and it’s not just that—you also have just plants.

Kaitlin: We have other options besides just flowers if people are wanting something different, so we have candles that we source from Fredericksburg and a local candle company here in Magnolia, and then we have plants. We can really get any type of plant under the sun—plush items, chocolates, add-ons, that sort of thing—so we can make a whole package for a birthday or an anniversary. We can really fluff it up with more than just flowers.

Erica: Let’s not forget about things like birthdays and the typical things, but there are days like Secretary’s Day, and there are lots of other days.

Kaitlin: Like Women’s Day, and there’s a national day for everything right now, “just because,” those are the best ones people love, and it brings so much joy to people’s faces. -Our delivery driver gets so much satisfaction when he opens up that door, and it just lights up their day.

Erica: In life, there’s absolutely nothing better than getting a surprise bouquet of flowers.

Kaitlin: Oh yes!

Tips on keeping your Bouquets longer

Erica:  So I’m sure that people ask you a lot of questions. What are some of the most frequent questions that you get?

Kaitlin: People love to know how I get my flowers to last longer, and we understand that you’re paying a premium for flowers, so get the most out of them as much as you can. So our suggestion is to take the arrangement out every day, chop the bottom of the stems, give them a fresh cut, like a centimeter or an inch, put fresh water in there, and then put the arrangement back in there. very simple, and it will make your flowers last sometimes up to a week longer, and then not keeping them by a super sunny window when it’s hot out, they might droop a little bit in the sun, and then of course not buying a heater during the winter, so there are lots of tips you can do at home to keep the longevity of your flowers

Local Organizations/ Giving Back to the Community

Erica: We’ve talked about a lot of the tie-ins with some of the local organizations that you work with and serve through, your flower deliveries, and things like that, but you also sponsor some of the local organizations.

Kaitlin: So one of the wonderful things about owning a small business is being able to contribute and give back to the community. So just a few that we’ve done over the past couple of years are for the Magnolia Police Department, St. Matthias Catholic Church in Magnolia, flowers for the Texas Surgical Team, and Magnolia West organizations in Magnolia. So anytime that I can give back to the schools or churches, we definitely try to seize that opportunity.

Social Media Details and Contact Details

Erica: So I had already mentioned that you’re on Instagram, how can they find you there?

Kaitlin: So you can find us on Instagram at Antique Rose Florist, and we’re

Also on Facebook, we’re on Yelp, and we’re also on Doordash. That’s one thing that I hadn’t mentioned, and so if you have a Doordash coupon and you want to order that way, you can do that. So we can send out flowers through Doordash, and then we have a website where people can order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have thousands of arrangements on our website, which is, which is super user-friendly. We can deliver it straight to someone’s house the next day or even same-day delivery, so you can call and place an order, or you can even Instagram message us, or you can stop in and come see what you want.

Location Details

Erica: So if they wanted to stop in, where are you located?

Kaitlin: So we’re located on 1488 in between the new HEB and the new Ace Hardware across from Lake Windcrest in the Strip Center