Katy TX market trends

The dangers in overpricing your home

Overpricing your home – is it worth it? Everyone believes their home is worth more than it actually may be. We invest a lot into our homes…from buying them to renovating them, to regular care and maintenance.  As we build equity we also build priceless memories. So it’s no surprise that when we sell our

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2016 Katy TX Real Estate Market Trends

Statistic data for Katy, TX in general. Data pulled as LOCATION 47 (Katy); not pulled by area. As of today, there are 1272 active listings in Katy, TX. See each picture caption for information about the picture. 2016 market analysis, Location 47 – Katy: 2012-2016 market analysis, Location 47 – Katy: Price analysis 2012-2016. Location 47

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