Rustic Momma Boutique – Discovering Magnolia, Texas

Welcome to Rustic Momma Boutique in Magnolia, Texas! This small local business is your go-to clothing boutique, offering stylish outfits, accessories, personalized tumblers, handmade soaps and candles, and more! They proudly partner with other small, local businesses by featuring their unique products alongside their own. Shop local, support small businesses, and unleash your style at Rustic Momma Boutique!



Erica: Melissa, thank you so much for having us out here today. Your shop is adorable, and I can’t wait to share everything here, but first of all, I want to start with your background. Are you from Magnolia, Texas? Tell us how you got connected to the area.

Melissa: I am a hornet originally from Magnolia. I grew up in Tomball, graduated from Tomball High School in 2008, and got married. We moved out of state and moved back, and we wanted somewhere with a small-town feel for our kids to grow up, so we ended up in Magnolia. Then we met Carla, who lives next door, at a vendor’s market, and she told us about this location. We came here and instantly fell in love with the small charm and how close everybody in the building is, and we’ve grown from there.


Erica: There’s a lot to unpack from what you just said because of the connection with other vendors and, you know, being out here in the area that you now live in just down the road and having kids out here, so we’re going to talk more about those connections and how even for your business you help support local, but first I want to talk about the different products that you guys have here in your store.

Melissa: So we carry a lot of different things, and we do, I guess, the typical boutique clothing, so we do denim, we have lots of different shirt options, and then we do custom stuff, so all the stuff on this table over here, we do custom t-shirts, pens, car Freshies tumblers, earrings, pretty much anything and everything you need. can think of, we can customize it for you. We also carry a lot of local vendors, like you said, like Clay and Couture, who do clay earrings; Black Buffalo and Co., who do arts and soaps; she hand makes everything; and then we have candles for one therapy candle; and again, she lives right on 1488 and she’s a local vendor as well.

Erica: So more about your clothing lines, and this is big for me because, let’s face it, I’m not little, okay, and one of the things about boutiques that I’ve always wondered about is whether they’re going to carry clothes to fit me. We get that, but you do.

Melissa: We do so; we go up to a 3XL, and just about everything, um, we try to cater to everybody, so what we look for when we do wholesale clothing and such is vendors that are going to carry sizes, not just zero through six, zero through seven, we go all the way to 22. and some jeans, and then most of our shirts go up to 3XL.

Erica: That’s awesome, and again, I know you touched upon it, but I want to reiterate that you do screen printing for other businesses. You do it even for schools.

Melissa: We do! We make Uvaldi t-shirts. We’ve done a lot for other small businesses; we’ve done t-shirts for maid services, we’ve done t-shirts for surveying companies, and it kind of expands everywhere. You know, if you want a simple t-shirt because you’re going to a concert and you want a t-shirt, we can do it. If you own your own business and you have 30 employees and you need t-shirts for them, we can do that. So it doesn’t just stop at a single t-shirt order, and we just did 83 dry-fit shirts for a survey company for all their guys in the field at the same time we did a couple for a small bakery shop that’s a new candy shop. We kind of just expand everywhere because we want to help everybody, especially small businesses, and we didn’t get a whole lot of that when we started.

We didn’t know anybody, and so when I meet vendors at events and they have unique items, I want those. Yeah, I want to bring those to Magnolia. I want everybody to know that there are people who live a mile away from you who make these beautiful earrings. You know, that makes amazing soap products. So those are products that I wanted for myself and wanted to bring to other people.

Erica: And some of the custom screen printings that you do for a lot of baseball moms, huh?

Melissa: We love Magnolia Baseball. We are at the fields; I think we’ve been there three times already, and we’ll be there again for their tournament next month, and we set up booths. We do all of our little baseball shirts for the moms, and they seem to appreciate it. You know, we come out with new designs, and they’re like, “We’ve had moms go, I have this one and this one, and now I need that one.”


Erica: And not only are you inclusive as far as sizing goes, but you also try to keep the cost affordable.

Melissa: So that was a big thing when starting this company. It was about a tumbler, and it was like fifty dollars. My husband was like, “Whoa, no more.” Yeah, I was like, “Okay, so we’ll just buy all the stuff we make ourselves.” So we try to keep all the costs on those low, like even our biggest custom tumblers are still like 45, so it’s still under what you’re going to pay on Etsy or stuff like that, and it’s here. Yeah, if you want or need something quick, I can get it to you within an hour.


Erica: What got you into the boutique business? Why this for what you’re doing?

Melissa: In college, I worked as a visual merchandising manager for a big chain store. I loved it. I like making things look pretty. I love clothes. But everything that I could find was not affordable for me. I have three kids. I have a single-income family. Before we started this, I wanted to bring affordable clothing options and customized stuff to everybody.


Erica: So let’s talk about your location. Where can people find your brick-and-mortar?

Melissa: So our main brick and mortar, this is our home store, is going to be right off 1774, so it’s 1010 Magnolia Boulevard, we’re sweet D, so we’re going to be right between Carla’s Empire and Hair Lobby, which if you need your hair done, they’re amazing over there as well, and then you can also shop e-commerce, so everything that’s in our store is going to be on our website, aside for freshies because we make new ones all the time; it’s hard to keep up with that, but other than that, you can reach us on our website,

Erica: What about on social media?

Melissa: So we do have social media platforms, and we do have a Facebook VIP group that will get first access, and usually on our VIP group we’ll do like a this or that, so we’ll be like, “Hey, do you guys like this shirt or this shirt?” and a lot of what we carry in here has come from those this or that, so we like to reach out to see what shoppers are wanting rather than just me being like, “Oh, that’s cute!”

Melissa: So we do have social media platforms, and we do have a Facebook VIP group that will get first access, and usually on our VIP group we’ll do like a this or that, so we’ll be like, “Hey, do you guys like this shirt or this shirt?” and a lot of what we carry in here has come from those this or that, so we like to reach out to see what shoppers are wanting rather than just me being like, “Oh, that’s cute!”

So on Instagram, it’s going to be rustic_mommaboutique, and on Facebook, it’s just Rustic Momma Boutique all the way across.


Rustic Momma Boutique embodies the spirit of Magnolia, Texas, with its commitment to community, and local support, and providing inclusive and affordable fashion choices. Melissa’s passion for fashion and dedication to making her products accessible to everyone shines through in every aspect of her boutique. Whether you’re in search of stylish clothing, unique customizations, or a supportive small business community, Rustic Momma Boutique is the place to be in Magnolia, Texas.